Dungeons & Dragons 5e

All the Spells for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e)

Looking for all the official spells for Dungeons & Dragons in a sortable and visually appealing list? Look no further, for here you will find an ever-growing source of spells. Right now the list is incomplete, but soon enough you will be able to find any and all official spells for the fifth edition of D&D.

Whether you are playing as a wizard, cleric, bard, druid, paladin, sorcerer, warlock or any other spell-casting class, you’ll have all your options listed here. Enjoy! 

NameClassLevelSchoolCasting TimeRitualConcentrationRangeComponentsDurationFound In
Acid SplashSorcerer, WizardCantripConjuration1 actionNoNo60 feetV, SInstantaneousPlayer’s Handbook
Animal FriendshipBard1st Level
Animal MessengerBard2nd Level
BaneBard1st Level
Bestow CurseBard3rd Level
Blade WardBardCantrip
Blindness / DeafnessBard2nd Level
Calm EmotionsBard2nd Level
Charm PersonBard1st Level
ClairvoyanceBard3rd Level
Cloud of DaggersBard2nd Level
Comprehend LanguagesBard1st Level
Crown of MadnessBard2nd Level
Cure WoundsBard1st Level
Dancing LightsBardCantrip
Detect MagicBard1st Level
Detect ThoughtsBard2nd Level
Disguise SelfBard1st Level
Dispel MagicBard3rd Level
Dissonant WhispersBard1st Level
Enhance AbilityBard2nd Level
EnthrallBard2nd Level
Faerie FireBard1st Level
FearBard3rd Level
Feather FallBard1st Level
Feign DeathBard3rd Level
Glyph of WardingBard3rd Level
Healing WordBard1st Level
Heat MetalBard2nd Level
HeroismBard1st Level
Hold PersonBard2nd Level
Hypnotic PatternBard3rd Level
IdentifyBard1st Level
Illusory ScriptBard1st Level
InvisibilityBard2nd Level
KnockBard2nd Level
Leomund’s Tiny HutBard3rd Level
Lesser RestorationBard2nd Level
Locate Animals or PlantsBard2nd Level
Locate ObjectBard2nd Level
LongstriderBard1st Level
Mage HandBardCantrip
Magic MouthBard2nd Level
Major ImageBard3rd Level
Minor IllusionBardCantrip
NondetectionBard3rd Level
Phantasmal ForceBard2nd Level
See InvisibilityBard2nd Level
Silent ImageBard1st Level
ShatterBard2nd Level
SilenceBard2nd Level
SleepBard1st Level
Speak with AnimalsBard1st Level
SuggestionBard2nd Level
Tasha’s Hideous LaughterBard1st Level
ThunderwaveBard1st Level
True StrikeBardCantrip
Unseen ServantBard1st Level
Vicious MockeryBardCantrip
Zone of TruthBard2nd Level

Schools of Magic in Dungeons and Dragons

Each spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5e belongs to a school of magic. This helps us identify the type of effect every spell will have during the game, or gives us a hint when we identify the magic school of an object we encounter.

There are eight classic schools of magic:

  • Abjuration
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Enchantment
  • Evocation
  • Illusion
  • Necromancy
  • Transmutation

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