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Dungeons and Dragons Dice Sets, the Best DND Dice for Every Budget

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that needs very little to be played. Even if one can go all in with the D&D books and amass a huge collection of miniatures and terrains to represent combats, at the end of the day there are only two essential things: a character sheet and dice sets.

Actually, one dice set could suffice, but how are you going to say no to owning several of this polyhedral beauties?

How Many Dice Are There in a D&D Dice Set?

A standard Dungeons & Dragons dice set has usually 7 dice. These are the minimum necessary number of dice to make sure you can perform all rolls in D&D. When you buy dice sets, you will usually be buying seven dice unless otherwise stated.

These are the dice you will find in a D&D dice set:

  • Four-sided die, also known as D4. Numbered from 1 to 4.
  • Six-sided die, also known as D6. The most common die of them all. Numbered from 1 to 6.
  • Eight-sided die, also known as D8. Numbered from 1 to 8.
  • Two ten-sided dice, also known as D10. One will usually be numbered from 0 to 9 and the other with double digits ending in zero from 00 to 90.
  • Twelve-sided die, also known as D12. Numbered from 1 to 12.
  • Twenty-sided die, also known as D20. Numbered from 1 to 20, is the most used die in Dungeons & Dragons.

How Many Dice Does a Dungeon Master Need?

If we stick to the minimum necessary number of dice a Dungeon Master needs, the answer would be the same as for any other player: seven dice, a dice set, is enough for a Dungeon Master to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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