Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Monsters in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e)

You know things have gotten serious in most Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition campaigns when monsters start appearing. The toughest rivals to your character and the rest of their party, the ones that will make you or break you. Let’s find out everything you need to know regarding D&D monsters.

What Are Monsters in DnD 5e?

The most powerful creatures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5e are their monsters. To begin with you have the dragons that give name to the game. They are of so many colours, each one with their killer traits: red, gold, silver, blue, green, etc.

But there is much more than dragons. You have golems, lich, rocs, giants, hydras, or the monster of monsters, the tarrasque.

How Many Monsters Are There in Dungeons & Dragons?

Most Dungeons & Dragons books present their own monsters, or at least variations of those, so the list is long and ever-growing. You will definitely not run out of possible monsters to incorporate to your adventures if you are planning on being the Dungeon Master for your group of friends and family.

How Many Monsters Are There in the Player’s Handbook?

Even if the main focus of the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook is character creation and the understanding of the essential rules to learn to role play, there is a section of the book dedicated to monsters, to help you with your first encounters in case this is the only book you have.

Appendix D, Creature Statistics, on page 304 of the Player’s Handbook starts a list of stats for several monsters. This list is focused on the types of creatures that can be summoned or created as spells by the characters, but can be definitely used as encounters for the player’s party.

How Many Monsters Are There in the 5e Monster’s Manual?

What Is the Strongest Monster in D&D?

Let’s face it, most of us play Dungeons & Dragons to fight the strongest of creatures while our characters turn into god-like heroes. For that reason, knowing what is the most powerful monster in D&D is essential.

Somehow we turn finding and defeating any such monster as part of our quest, regardless of what our Dungeon Master may have in store for us.

So, who is D&D’s strongest monster?

There are many lists and answers to this question laying around Google, and you may have checked some of these before you bumped into Learning to Role Play. But there is one answer that could be consider official: the Tarrasque is the most dangerous D&D monster.

Tarrasque as depicted in the Monster Manual 5th edition, © Wizards of the Coast and © Cory Trego-Erdner.

Why do I say this is an official answer?

Because the Tarrasque is the only monster with a Challenge Rating of 30. With the Challenge Rating (CR) being a measure of how difficult a monster would be for a party to deal with.

It’s a general rule to think that a party will struggle dealing with monsters with higher CRs than the party level and, guess what? The highest level one can reach in D&D is 20!

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